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A signed paperback copy of With You at Last by K. M. Ryan.


While With You at Last is a part of the Forget-Me-Not series, it is the only book in the series written by K. M. Ryan and can be read as a standalone.



Kate never thought she’d see Jon again after he ghosted her 10 years ago. But after a random run-in, he convinces her to go to dinner with him so he could explain what happened all those years ago.


It isn’t until Jon goes to Kate’s place to make her dinner that he discovers a secret she’s keeping about her health. Through the good and the bad, he decides he needs to be the one to help her through her illness. But is it too late?


Content Warning: Cancer, cancer treatments, memory loss, graphic sexual content

With You at Last in paperback

  • This book is 6x9 novella with a glossy paperback cover.

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