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The Reunion

A Second Chance Romance


What If series, Book 1

Abigail, a dental hygienist and painter, has sworn off love. When she reluctantly attends her 10-year high school reunion, she reconnects with Logan, the man she was infatuated with all throughout high school. Several tequila shots later, he is escorting her home.


One steamy day and several hot nights later, they both want more.


As they struggle to find a healthy balance in their budding relationship, each of them must deal with personal issues. While Abigail struggles with her insecurities, Logan battles a troubled childhood. Can they learn to love and trust each other in spite of their fears, or will the passion fade?

While part of a series, The Reunion can be read as a standalone, but the books are best enjoyed in order.

Content Warnings: childhood sexual abuse (discussed), graphic sexual content


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The Meeting

A Forbidden Romance

What If series, Book 2

When Kailynn cuts ties with her longtime boyfriend/business partner, she hires a lawyer to help her sort things out and salvage what she can of her life’s work. 


Chase, a lawyer who is starting over in a new town after the end of a 10-year marriage, is all business with no room for romantic thoughts as he tries to build his client list. 


But when Kailynn hires Chase to help her resolve her legal troubles, there is an attraction that can’t be ignored. 


Chase struggles with the ethics of business and pleasure, while Kailynn battles with how soon is too soon to move on. 


As they struggle to keep their relationship professional, will they still want to be together when it’s no longer forbidden?

While part of a series, The Meeting can be read as a standalone, but the books are best enjoyed in order.

Content Warning: Cheating (not between H/h), graphic sexual content


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The Encounter

A Billionaire Romance


What If series, Book 3

Maddie throws inhibitions to the wind and spends an evening with a masked man at a club during a Halloween party. The next day she finds out the mystery man is none other than the local billionaire and celebrity.


Jace spent the last several years avoiding dating after the spotlight only brought women seeking fame. But after seeing Maddie at a club, all bets are off.


When the spotlight focuses on Maddie, her world is flipped upside down while a jealous reporter and ex of Jace’s continues to dig up dirt.


Will she want to stay in the spotlight with Jace, or will it prove to be too much? The only question left for her to answer… Is he worth it?

While part of a series, The Encounter can be read as a standalone, but the books are best enjoyed in order.


Content Warning: childhood cancer, death of parents (discussed), death of grandparent (discussed), attempted drugging/assault, graphic sexual content


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The Confrontation

An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance


What If series, Book 4

Haley has hated Seth since the day they met. Having a mutual friend and working at the same bar makes it hard for her to avoid him. But she gives into her desires for him once a year. Surely it won’t cause any problems.


Seth loves nothing more than to tease Haley. She is the sexiest woman he has laid eyes on, but he doesn’t deserve her, so he keeps her at a distance and enjoys his once-a-year fling.


It isn’t until Haley’s life is flipped upside down that Seth jumps in to help, and their lives begin barreling toward a path they both swore they’d never go down.


But Haley is keeping a secret that she thinks will always be a deal breaker for the man she’s with. Will she learn to trust him enough to tell her secret?

While part of a series, The Confrontation can be read as a standalone, but the books are best enjoyed in order.

Content Warning: ectopic pregnancy (discussed), infertility, PTSD, military injuries, childhood cancer (discussed), and graphic sexual content


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Save Me

A Friends-to-Lovers Romance


In the Moment series, Book 1

After the loss of her family and feeling at her lowest with no one to turn to, Kaycee attempts suicide. At the last moment, her plans are halted when two men, Jake and Grant, save her. Attempting to break free from depression’s grasp, she looks for the good in life and starts a cooking blog with the help of Jake.


Jake’s whole world is flipped upside down when Kaycee, a woman he has been pining after, attempts suicide. Not willing to lose her before he has a chance, he needs to make her realize the world isn’t as dismal as she believes.


Through counseling, cooking, and finding new friends, Kaycee works through her problems. But, when her newfound blogging career becomes too much, will Jake’s help be enough for Kaycee to handle the pressure, or will she succumb to darkness once again?

While part of a series, Save Me can be read as a standalone.


Content Warning: attempted suicide, anxiety, struggles with mental health, and graphic sexual content


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With You at Last

A Second Chance, Friends-to-Lovers Romance


Forget-Me-Not series

Kate never thought she’d see Jon again after he ghosted her 10 years ago. But finding her in the frozen food section of the grocery store seems to be the place they always meet. He convinces her to go to dinner with him so he could explain what happened all those years ago.


It isn’t until Jon goes to Kate’s place to make her dinner that he discovers how a secret she’s keeping about her health. Through the good and the bad, he decides he needs to be the one to help her through her illness, if it isn’t too late.

With You at Last is part of a series in collaboration with other authors. This is the only book by K. M. Ryan in this series. With You at Last can be read as a standalone.


Content Warning: cancer, cancer treatments, memory loss, and graphic sexual content

With you at Last-K.M. Ryan.jpg

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Cruising for Christmas

A Best Friend's Brother, Forced Proximity, One Bed, Curvy Girl Romance


Curvy Christmas series

When Norah’s holiday plans fall through, she joins her best friend’s family on a cruise. It isn’t until she boards the ship that she discovers she isn’t rooming with her best friend, but with her friend’s older brother, Ian.


The problem? There’s only one bed, and Norah overhears Ian talking about how unattractive she is. But with nowhere to go, Norah tries to make the best of the situation.


Through clothing mishaps, awkwardness, pranks, and a sexy Santa dancing contest, Norah and Ian realize that perhaps rooming with each other wasn’t a mistake after all.


But was the cruise long enough to create a bond, or will they go their separate ways?

Cruising for Christmas is part of a series in collaboration with other authors. This is the only book by K. M. Ryan in this series. Cruising for Christmas can be read as a standalone.


Content Warning: graphic sexual content


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