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A signed paperback copy of The Reunion by K. M. Ryan.


While The Reunion is Book 1 of the What If series, it can be read as a standalone.



Abigail, a dental hygienist and painter, has sworn off love. When she reluctantly attends her 10-year high school reunion, she reconnects with Logan, the man she was infatuated with all throughout high school. Several tequila shots later, he is escorting her home.


One steamy day and several hot nights later, they both want more.


As they struggle to find a healthy balance in their budding relationship, each of them must deal with personal issues. While Abigail struggles with her insecurities, Logan battles a troubled childhood. Can they learn to love and trust each other in spite of their fears, or will the passion fade?


Content Warning: childhood sexual abuse (discussed), graphic sexual content

The Reunion in paperback

  • This book is 6x9 with a glossy paperback cover.

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