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A signed paperback copy of The Confrontation by K. M. Ryan.


While The Confrontation is Book 4 of the What If series, it can be read as a standalone.



Haley has hated Seth since the day they met. Having a mutual friend and working at the same bar makes it hard for her to avoid him. But she gives into her desires for him once a year. Surely it won’t cause any problems.


Seth loves nothing more than to tease Haley. She is the sexiest woman he has laid eyes on, but he doesn’t deserve her, so he keeps her at a distance and enjoys his once-a-year fling.


It isn’t until Haley’s life is flipped upside down that Seth jumps in to help, and their lives begin barreling toward a path they both swore they’d never go down.


But Haley is keeping a secret that she thinks will always be a deal breaker for the man she’s with. Will she learn to trust him enough to tell her secret?


Content Warning: ectopic pregnancy (discussed), infertility, PTSD, military injuries, childhood cancer (discussed), graphic sexual content

The Confrontation in paperback

  • This book is 6x9 with a glossy paperback cover.

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