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A signed paperback copy of Cruising for Christmas by K. M. Ryan.


While Cruising for Christmas is part of the Curvy Christmas series, this is the only book by K. M. Ryan and is a standalone.



When Norah’s holiday plans fall through, she joins her best friend’s family on a cruise. It isn’t until she boards the ship that she discovers she isn’t rooming with her best friend, but with her friend’s older brother, Ian.


The problem? There’s only one bed, and Norah overhears Ian talking about how unattractive she is. But with nowhere to go, Norah tries to make the best of the situation.


Through clothing mishaps, awkwardness, pranks, and a sexy Santa dancing contest, Norah and Ian realize that perhaps rooming with each other wasn’t a mistake after all.


But was the cruise long enough to create a bond, or will they go their separate ways?

Cruising for Christmas in paperback

  • This book is 6x9 novella with a glossy paperback cover.

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