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A signed paperback copy of The Meeting by K. M. Ryan.


While The Meeting is Book 2 of the What If series, it can be read as a standalone.



When Kailynn cuts ties with her longtime boyfriend/business partner, she hires a lawyer to help her sort things out and salvage what she can of her life’s work. 


Chase, a lawyer who is starting over in a new town after the end of a 10-year marriage, is all business with no room for romantic thoughts as he tries to build his client list. 


But when Kailynn hires Chase to help her resolve her legal troubles, there is an attraction that can’t be ignored. 


Chase struggles with the ethics of business and pleasure, while Kailynn battles with how soon is too soon to move on. 


As they struggle to keep their relationship professional, will they still want to be together when it’s no longer forbidden?


Content Warning: cheating (not between hero and heroine/not on page), graphic sexual content

The Meeting in paperback

  • This book is 6x9 with a glossy paperback cover.

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