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K. M. Ryan

Steamy Contemporary Romance

Love, Lust, and Real-Life Struggles

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The Confrontation

Haley has hated Seth since the day they met. Having a mutual friend and working at the same bar makes it hard for her to avoid him. But she gives into her desires for him once a year. Surely it won’t cause any problems.


Seth loves nothing more than to tease Haley. She is the sexiest woman he has laid eyes on, but he doesn’t deserve her, so he keeps her at a distance and enjoys his once-a-year fling.


It isn’t until Haley’s life is flipped upside down that Seth jumps in to help, and their lives begin barreling toward a path they both swore they’d never go down.


But Haley is keeping a secret that she thinks will always be a deal breaker for the man she’s with. Will she learn to trust him enough to tell her secret?


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New Release

With You at Last

Kate never thought she’d see Jon again after he ghosted her 10 years ago. But finding her in the frozen food section of the grocery store seems to be the place they always meet. He convinces her to go to dinner with him so he could explain what happened all those years ago.


It isn’t until Jon goes to Kate’s place to make her dinner that he discovers how a secret she’s keeping about her health. Through the good and the bad, he decides he needs to be the one to help her through her illness, if it isn’t too late.



With You at Last is part of the Forget-Me-Not series, but can be read as a standalone.

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New Release

Cruising for Christmas

When Norah’s holiday plans fall through, she joins her best friend’s family on a cruise. It isn’t until she boards the ship that she discovers she isn’t rooming with her best friend, but with her friend’s older brother, Ian.


The problem? There’s only one bed, and Norah overhears Ian talking about how unattractive she is. But with nowhere to go, Norah tries to make the best of the situation.


Through clothing mishaps, awkwardness, pranks, and a sexy Santa dancing contest, Norah and Ian realize that perhaps rooming with each other wasn’t a mistake after all.


But was the cruise long enough to create a bond, or will they go their separate ways?

Cruising for Christmas is part of a collaboration with other authors in the Curvy Christmas series. This is the only book by K. M. Ryan in this series, and it can be read as a standalone.


Available Now!

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About K. M. Ryan

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K. M. Ryan is an author of steamy contemporary romance novels. Her stories will leave you breathless and wanting more. Click here to learn more about K. M. Ryan and her journey as a writer.

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